The Drin river system is the largest river of Albania and collects water from the Adriatic portion of the Kosovo watershed in Serbia & Montenegro (as Beli Drin river) and in the south from the border region with FYR Macedonia (Lake Prespa / Lake Ohrid drains into Crn Drim river); its total basin encompasses about 14,173 kmĀ² (without both lakes).

The Drin River (285 km) is the most constant river of Albania: Fed by melting snows from the northern and eastern mountains (mean elevation at 971 m asl.) and by more evenly distributed seasonal precipitation, its flow does not have the extremely varying characteristics of nearly all other Albanian rivers.

The mouth of Drin river into the Adriatic Sea is located south of Shkodra near the city of Lezha but most of its water runs through an arm into Buna river near Shkodra.